Mission of the journal consists in the presentation to academic community of relevant and prospective studies by Russian and foreign scholars and experts on priority areas of functioning of world, macro- and meso-economy, which promotes development of modern economics and international collaboration, as well as creation of constructive discussion platform for implementation of the complex approach to solving the problems of regional development.

The Editorial policy of the journal is aimed at dissemination of modern and demanded achievements of economics of both fundamental and applied character, based on contemporary scientific methodology and a wide range of up-to-date sources.

The academic journal Regional Economy. South of Russia is a research and practical periodical intended for representatives of science and business, as well as the authorities of entities of the Russian Federation, that is why the journal is mainly published in Russian, though a number of articles are issued in English. The journal presents materials containing urgent and debatable issues of theory and practice of spatial economy, strategic planning, regional socio-economic policy and practical recommendations on strengthening competitive advantages, increasing sustainability, promoting economic security of Russian regions, and developing cross-border and international cooperation.

Journal Regional Economy. South of Russia includes the following major sections:

  1. Fundamental studies of the spatial economy;
  2. Conditions, resources, factors and mechanisms of development of the South of Russia;
  3. Strategies, programs and projects of modernization of the economic system of the Southern macro-region;
  4. Agro-industrial and nature-management complexes in the South of Russia: problems and prospects of development;
  5. Financial mechanism of regulating socio-economic development of entities of the Southern macro-region;
  6. The economics of local self-government and development of municipalities in the Southern regions;
  7. Innovative vector of development of enterprises in the South of Russia.