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Scientific-practical journal "Regional economy. The South of Russia" is in the public domain. This means that all content is available free of charge for users. Open access implies that users are allowed to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or find the full texts of the articles on the link without prior permission from the publisher and author.

  Journal of Regional economy. The South of Russia" created by the authors on behalf of: Federal state budgetary institution of science "southern scientific center, Russian Academy of Sciences and the Federal state Autonomous educational institution of higher professional education "Volgograd state University, is published under the license Creative Commons Attribution ("Attribution") 4.0 of the world

 Deposit policy

Inaccordance with the rules of the license on open access journal, authors have the right to submit the final published version of their article in an institutional and /or centralized archives immediately after its publication, provided that the journal and the publisher are listed as the original place of publication and subject to the conditions of correct citation. The authors are also encouraged to provide e-mail addresses published articles, together with a PDF version. 

The archive policy

Archival policy is aimed at selecting, storing and providing access to the archives of the journal of Regional economy. The South Of Russia". Archival policy includes 3 main goals:   

1. Compliance with national standards for archiving. 

2. Registration and publication of articles according to professional standards.
3. Access to archived material provided by the publishing practice.
The archive consists of the texts of the articles that have passed the review, annotation and bibliography, published in the journal of Regional economy. The South Of Russia". These materials are of great scientific value, as it embodies the most significant results of scientific research.
"Regional economy. South of Russia hosts the archives on the website of the magazine and on the website of the publisher, as well as on the platform of the Scientific electronic library "eLIBRARY.RU". 

Policy zavarivanje

Authors have the right to publish their peer-reviewed work on my sites and databases with the name and number of the journal in which the article was published. For these purposes, we recommend you to use the publisher's PDF version, or make it a link. 

Policy Antiplagiat

The journal only publishes high-quality original scientific work. Submission of a paper implies that it has not been published earlier and not submitted for publication in another journal. If the author(s) used in their work excerpts from other articles (in English or other languages), he(s) should provide links to the sources or to obtain permission from the previous publisher or the copyright owner.   

Articles that contain plagiarism will not be accepted for publication. If after checking your article, it will be detected by the presence of plagiarism, the author, the relevant institution and the sponsoring organization (if any) will be sent notification of refusal to publish, for the above reason.